photo of a mountain view
Photo: KhrisKa Photos

The practice of Dzogchen is the most ancient and direct stream of wisdom within the Buddhist tradition of Tibet.

Sogyal Rinpoche describes it as “the heart-essence of all spiritual paths and the summit of an individual’s spiritual evolution”. As a way in which to realize the innermost nature of mind — that which we really are — Dzogchen is the clearest, most effective, and most relevant to the modern world.

Though generally associated with the Nyingma or Ancient School of Tibetan Buddhism founded by Padmasambhava, Dzogchen has been practised throughout the centuries by masters of all the different schools as their innermost practice. Its origins reach back to before human history, and neither is it limited to Buddhism, nor to Tibet, nor indeed even to this world of ours, as it is recorded that it has existed in thirteen different world systems.