A Complete Path

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Rigpa Centres offer an authentic Buddhist education for the modern world.
Rigpa aims to preserve, uphold, practice and transmit the Buddhist teachings—especially Tibet’s Ngagyur Nyingma lineage and in particular the teachings of Vajrayana and Dzogpachenpo.

Rigpa offers practical courses and events that explain not just how to meditate or develop compassion, but how to use practice to overcome our mental and emotional challenges, take responsibility for our lives, rediscover our own goodness and wisdom, see life and death as one whole and face the uncertainty in the world today. Simple, practical tools are offered without any notion of exclusivity or conversion, but as openly and as widely as possible, with the sole intention of being of service to people everywhere.

For those who wish to go further, Rigpa offers a complete and authentic path of study and practice that follows every stage of the Buddha’s teachings from the beginning until enlightenment.

Some students will follow the stages of the path fully and systematically. Many do not have the time or circumstances to do that, however, and need something more essential. Others prefer to make meditation or compassion the single focus of their practice. The route students take through Rigpa’s path of study and practice will vary in accordance with the needs of individuals.

At each stage of Rigpa’s Clear Path, three elements are presented:

  • Study – which allows students to explore the reasoning and logic of the Buddha’s teachings and to understand their practice.
  • Practice – which brings alive our understanding of the teachings and;
  • Integration – which involves applying the view gained from our study and practice to everything we do.

The stages of the path are: